Frightened Rabbit are having a phenomenal 2013, with their best album yet 'Pedestrian Verse' winning critical acclaim and notching up their first top 10 record

Words By Ctrl Music

The band's excellent new EP 'Late March, Death March' is out now, which features their Manchester Orchestra collaboration track ‘Architect’ and live versions of ‘The Oil Slick’ & ‘December’s Traditions’ from their homecoming Glasgow show. To celebrate its release, we spoke to the band before their festival season kicked off, and they've kindly created a special Spotify playlist of their current tourbus anthems.

TOPMAN GENERATION: Congratulations on new album Pedestrian Verse – it must have been pleasing to get such a positive response as well as reaching the Top 10
FRIGHTENED RABBIT: It was quite unexpected, but definitely a pleasant surprise. We spent a long time working on the record and it was gratifying to see the work being recognised in that way.

TG: There's a beautifully grand, and confident sound to the new record – and especially on new single 'Late March, Death March'. Was that something you aspired to create or did it happen naturally?
FR: I think we've just naturally become more confident in what we do. After almost 10 years of chipping away and developing, this album really felt like a realisation of all those years of work. I think grandeur is something I've always enjoyed instilling in certain songs, but I think the difference with this record was that it was less forced.

TG: You're based in Glasgow – it must be inspiring working in a city with a constant pool of musical talent?
FR: Music and art moves so quickly in Glasgow that it's hard to keep up, especially when we're away so often. There's always been a healthy beating heart of a music scene here, and right now is no exception. There are some great new bands like Honeyblood, Fake Major and Holyesque making amazing music.

TG: Tell us about the songs on your playlist for us and why you've chosen them? There are some beautiful, melancholy records on there?
FR: These are just a handful of songs taken from records that I'm listening to right now. 'Muchacho' by Phosphorescent and 'Trouble Will Find Me' by The National are my two favourite records of this year so they had to have songs on there. The tune by Youth Lagoon is a little older, but it's new to me and I'm a bit addicted to it at the moment. Paul Buchanan came out with a fantastic record last year, and he's one of my favourites for the Scottish Album Of The Year award. This is a beautiful, sad song. It's great to have a new Camera Obscura album released this year, and William's Heart is another classic slice of clever pop from them. I've recently been revisiting an old album by the jazz group Polar Bear. It's really quite thrilling when I'm in the mood for it. The musicianship is pretty mind boggling at times. Finally, the Water Liars track. I was given their album 'Wyoming' by a friend and it really struck a chord. It's reminiscent of Two Gallants and has some great Americana-tinged songs on it.

TG: It's a great selection! So what are the plans for the rest of the summer?
FR: Loads of festivals really. We have a trip to Europe coming up, including a stint in Scandinavia, which is exciting as the band have never been to Sweden or Norway before. It'll be busy, but fun.

TG: Many thanks.