To celebrate the release of The Clash's Sound System Box Set, Miami band Surfer Blood exclusively cover Spanish Bombs

Words By Jamie Carson

Guns of Brixton, Rock the Casbah, London Calling, Rudie Can’t Fail, I Fought The Law (I could go on, but I’d get blisters), The Clash have left a legacy of hits behind that sound just as relevant today as they did back then. So much so that their iconic material is getting a re-release through Sound System Box Set (out now), a mammoth collection full of re-mastered and unreleased music, Clash fanzines, DVDs of their videos, posters and lots more. To celebrate this monumental release, a handful of modern guitar bands inspired by the Clash are covering the punk legends with the help of Google Play.

Topman are proud to premiere the first band to kick off the celebratory series, here Miami’s Surfer Blood cover Spanish Bombs:

From time to time, Google Play teams up with iconic rockers to help tell their stories. When they heard that the Clash were planning to re-release some of their greatest music, they wanted to celebrate their legacy and create something unique for their fans around the world. They were given hours of unseen footage of the late Joe Strummer discussing the arc of the band’s career and the Google Play team interviewed the rest of the members to get their perspective on what they accomplished and how they did it. The outcome is Audio Ammunition, a free five-part documentary about the Clash that walks through the writing, recording and reception of each of their classic studio albums. Click here to watch in full.