Self-professed trainer connoisseur Kish Kash shows us his impressive wall-to-wall collection

Words By Joe Hall

Filmed By Sabrina Elkin

Whether he’s feeling happy or sad, energetic or lethargic, trainer collector Kish Kash has a pair to match his mood. With over 3000 pairs of trainers, sneakers, pumps, kicks or crepes – pick whichever name you think sounds coolest – London-based Kish Kash has become Britain’s eminent trainer collector.

We met Kish Kash at his North London home and got to see some of his gargantuan collection in the flesh. Even with only a fraction of his trainers on show, Kish’s shoe rack covered his entire wall from top to bottom. Describing himself as a “connoisseur” rather than just a collector, Kish Kash argues that his love for trainers isn’t just about material accumulation, but also having the knowledge and appreciation of a culture that has it’s roots in sports, hip hop and dance. It’s about having a “discerning eye” about what is and isn’t a classic kick – not just accepting what everyone else tells you is.