From kid actress Hannah Montana to controversial twerking pop princess, my my Miley is all grown up. here we chart some of her most definitive moments

Words By Chantelle Symester

You'd have to be living under a rock not to have heard the latest on pop's newest enfant terrible, a young lady by the name of Ms Miley Cyrus. Hitting back against critics, and in particular Sinead O'connor's open plea for her to tone down her new sexed up image, Miley has taken to Twitter and is taking no prisoners.  See her response to Sinead below (Ouch!):


Breaking out of the bonds of being a cookie-cutter child star, here are some of Miley's definitive moments so far...

Okay so most people first new Miley from her cutesy role as Hannah Montana, which she began aged 8. Four seasons and a movie later the Disney child star was a household name and a millionnaire. Not bad for a 13 year-old, eh?


When Miley and Nick Jonas (fellow Disney kid star) were outed as a couple it was Britney and Justin Timberlake puppy love all over again. And so Miley became every teenage boys crush.


When Miley first shed her Disney good girl image and came out with the single 'Can't be tamed' we should have really taken her more seriously...


Possibly the lowest moment for Miley's male fanbase was when it was announced she was dating Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth, and the pair were in fact engaged.


Then Miley ditched Hemsworth, got short hair and waaaayyyy more attitude...

PLUS a WHOLE lot sexier


She learnt how to twerk and wanted to share this new skill with the world

HER now infamous MTV VMA's performance caused Twerkgate and a wealth of hilarious GIFS on Google!

But we're sure her latest shoot with Terry Richardson will be the next talking point. Sure to turn more than a few heads and raise more than a few eyebrows... Peep full shoot here on Terry's Tumblr










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