We sat down with Josh and Max from hit band You Me At Six and discussed their new album, their luck with women and FIFA 14...

Words By Reuben Lewis

We caught up with Josh, the lead singer, and Max, the guitarist, of You Me At Six over a game or two of FIFA 14. It has been a whirlwind couple weeks for the band, having just released their hit new single Lived A Lie from new album Cavalier Youth - tipped by many to be their best album yet. Not only that, but Lived A Lie is on the soundtrack of FIFA 14, something every band would love to brag about.

Topman Generation: How did you find out that FIFA wanted Lived A Lie on their soundtrack?

Josh: This time last year I went to a launch tournament in Manchester and met a woman from EA called Suzie, and we basically just expressed our interest in doing it if there was an opportunity to do so. Then we got a phone call saying, look, we want to hear some demos, so send us some songs. We did, and they chose Lived A Lie, and that was that!

TG: Do either of you play football yourselves?

M: Yeah, we played last night actually, round our local area. I didn’t score any yesterday but I was assisting like a bad-boy!

J: We’re not that good but we’re all massive football fans.

TG: If you were on FIFA what would your attributes/traits be?

J: I’d probably be a physical presence with vision. My down side would be; can’t finish, can’t tackle…I’m Emmanuel Frimpong with slightly better vision.

M: I would say I’ve got vision and I can score goals. The downside is I’m not a good defender!

J: Got no bulk on you! But no, we’re actually alright. We got to the final of a Celebrity Soccer Six tournament, where we lost in the final against Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan’s team…Tamer brought his son who plays for Millwall’s youth team. If they weren’t completely killing you off the ball, they were doing you on the ball with skills. We only lost that game 3-0! But we beat the Inbetweeners, plus the cast of TOWIE…

TG: Who out of the Inbetweeners was the best player?

J: They were all shocking! So no one basically! We beat the cast of TOWIE, they had a couple good players…what’s that guy called…Mario. He kept on piping up and fouling us, so eventually my friend Adam Hunt – bit of a unit -  put in a horrible tackle, a two-footer from behind. I’ve never seen so many Z-list celebrities go mental! It was hilarious.

M: My greatest football moment was when we played at Wembley stadium, it was the launch of the 2010 England home kit. We were playing against Roll Deep, and they’re absolute units. We got destroyed but I got the assist for our only goal!

TG: Is there any rivalry in these friendly competitions?

J: Yeah, there was a part of me when I looked at our group (for the Soccer Six tournament) where I thought, right: I want to beat TOWIE because that would be f****** banter, and I want to beat Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan, just because I love their movies and I thought it’d be pretty funny.

There was one time when we played Omid Djalili, the comedian, and his mates. They were getting a bit sour, saying things like “why are we playing these kids, we’re grown men, we can’t keep up with that pace” and I said, “mate, just don’t eat so many pies!”. As soon as I said that he was like, fair play, you’re funny! And it was a nice game. But the guys from TOWIE were just putting in horrible tackles, elbows in the back…so I was like, right, when I come on I’m putting in some serious tackles…

TG: Did you know the TOWIE cast personally before?

J: No. We didn’t really speak to them at all. I just let my feet do the talking (smiles). I scored a goal against the Inbetweeners and I actually ran past a few of them going “shhhhhh”. I had a top underneath my shirt saying “Scores when he wants” which was probably the funniest thing about it!

TG: Did you notice it was a lot easier to pull girls once you were in the band?

J: (Laughs) Ermmm, it probably would be if we really wanted it to be, but most of us have had girlfriends for the whole time being in the band.

M: I’m not one for charming, I’m one for just being myself, and if they like that, they like that, and if they don’t…pffft.

J: I actually rejected a girl trying it the other night at a bar. She asked if I was in the band and I said "no, I just look like him". As soon as I said that she lost interest. And I was like that’s exactly why I don’t want to put up with chicks like you…

M: You’ve just got to not mention it really, I mean if people like you for who you are that’s cool.

TG: You were influenced by bands like Blink 182; what British bands had the biggest impact on you?

J: Probably the likes of Coldplay and the Arctic Monkeys, especially the last couple years.

M: Yeah I’ve been a massive fan of that, but I’m also a massive fan of old music like Pink Floyd, The Police, Zepplin, The Beatles, Jethro Tull. We did demos round the drummers’ house from Jethro Tull and we got along really well with him, he’s a top lad. Bands like that, especially for me, were most influential. Oasis and Blur too.

J: You can’t really hear it in our music though.

M: Yeah, that’s just stuff we like. We try to have our own kind of sound.

TG: What can fans expect from your new album, Cavalier Youth?

M: It’s definitely the most we’ve progressed musically while still maintaining our You Me At Six sound. It may sound arrogant to say, but I think it is definitely the best we’ve sounded as a band.

J: That’s not arrogant. You didn’t say “We’re the best f****** band in the world, deal with it”. Very nicely put.

TG: You mentioned the Arctic Monkeys, what do you think of their new album, AM?

M: (instantly) Unbelievable Jeff. I pre-ordered it. I heard it about two months ago and I got the vinyl on Friday and literally the whole entire album is the best thing released in the UK in the last 10 years.

J: Until our album comes out in January….(smiles)

TG: Suppose that's a pretty good way to end the interview!

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You Me at Six's new single 'Lived a Lie' appears on the soundtrack of EA SPORTS FIFA 14. Download the FIFA 14 demo version now on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live Silver members can download from September 17.

You Me At Six's 'Lived a Lie' is available now on iTunes.