The Capital radio DJ discusses 5am starts, dressing like Indiana Jones and what advice he’d give to wannabe male models

Words By Carl Anka

Fresh off his morning shift at Capital FM, I caught up with radio DJ, suit and fine tailoring fanatic and former male model Dave Berry to talk about 5am starts, dressing like Indiana Jones and what advice he’d give to wannabe male models.

How does a typical day in the life of Dave Berry pan out?
Dave: My alarm goes off at 4.50am, I will either spend time getting showered and groomed or if I’ve got nothing else planned after the morning show I’ll snooze until 5.20am. Get a car to work, a quick cuppa and look through the papers as Lisa Snowdon arrives at 5.55 and then everything we’ve planned goes out the window come the show starting at 6am. Come 10am my show is finished and I have the rest of the day to myself. Do you know how amazing it is to have your day finishing at 10 in the morning? 

Topman Generation: How would you describe your dress sense?
Dave: I’ve always been an autumn/winter fan. My arms look a lot better in layers than they do in t-shirt, so when I get to bring out the coats, the three-piece suits and accessories like pocket squares that’s when I think I look my best. I’d describe my fashion style has having mod sensibilities. I tend to be inspired by what’s around me. Towards the end of last year the BBC showed all of the Indiana Jones films; while I didn’t quite rock the fedora, I did dress a bit like how Jones dresses when he’s teaching at the university - loads of heavy cotton shirts, specs, cords and brogues, things like that.

Topman Generation: Indiana Jones in his plain clothes as a style icon? Not bad! Do you have any other fashion heroes?
Speaking of Harrison Ford, he’s not bad as Han Solo is he? Black leggings with low slung blaster belt and a granddad collared shirt with a black waistcoat? Wonderful combination! Paul Weller always looks good. David Gandy is a really sharp dresser and I’m not just saying that because he wears suits from the tailoring house (October House) I help create! My top three are Indiana Jones, Paul Weller and David Gandy.

Topman Generation: Who’s been the best dressed guest on Captial FM?
Dave: Ooh that’s a good question. We had Jeremy Piven a few weeks back talking about his role in Mr Selfridges, and while he was dressed low key you could tell all of the items he put together for his outfit were top quality.

Topman Generation: And your co-presenter on Capital, Lisa Snowden, how would describe her style?
Dave: Lisa is very on the ball. She’s a leggy, dark haired buxom beauty; she’ll look good in most things! She always dresses well, you’ll rarely see her in a fashion magazine as a “faux pas of the week”, unless she’s stumbling into a taxi after a night out of course! 

Meggings, they’re not for me. I wouldn’t wear a pair even if I had Team GB gold medal sculpted legs

Topman Generation: The big male controversial fashion trends at the moment are onesies and meggings. Do you own a pair of either?
Dave: I have lovely black oneise that’s great to lay in my house with when I’m hungover but I won’t even make a small dash to the shops to get milk in that. I can’t even be in tracksuit bottoms to collect a package left next door; I need jeans and some boots. As for meggings, they’re not for me. I wouldn’t wear a pair even if I had Team GB gold medal sculpted legs, so I’m definitely not going to wear a pair with my drainpipe legs!

Topman Generation: What fashion item can’t you bear to live without?
Dave: My wonderful ex-girlfriend Heidi (Range, from the Sugarbabes) bought me a 3/4 length, single breasted, chocolate brown and black herringbone overcoat. It’s got a peak lapel, a fly front over the three buttons and a single vent at the back. As soon as it gets a little but cold, I can throw that over a plain white t-shirt, jeans and some boots and it can completely change an outfit. For all of the many, many messy situations I’ve been in over the years, that coat is one of those items where if I split anything on it I would take it off, clutch it and scream to sky “WHY?”

Topman Generation: Tell us a little bit about your own tailoring brand called October House?
Dave: Neil Fennell who works in design at Aston Martin started doing a travelling tailor thing and contacted a couple of people he had seen wearing suits and I just so happened to be one of these people. From there, we got talking about clothes and he’s very into fashion, he had a real eye for what he wanted to do with his business and I said that this is something we should do together. Three years on and we’ve got a studio on 42 New Oxford Street and an amazing tailor in Gabriel John who we are so lucky to have. We have some great people coming to us to wear our suits. David Gandy is the face of Dolce and Gabbana and he chooses to pay to wear our suits; he wore one of ours to London Collections earlier this month. 

Topman Generation: If you were to go back in time to 16-18 year-old Dave Berry, what advice would you give him for his first suit?
Dave: My advice is to go vintage and then find someone to do the alterations for you. Get a navy blue vintage number for about £35 somewhere and then get it taken it. Also, I’m not just saying this but go to Topman. If you pick up a men’s magazine Topman’s version of a product in there is always in the top five. Topman is a great place to go for your first suit.

Topman Generation: You were a male model for Ted Baker, Toni & Guy etc. We get loads of comments on our feed from guys wanting to get into the modelling industry, what advice would you give them?
Dave: My number one bit of advice would be if you get the chance to do it, just enjoy it. It’s so much fun and you get paid ridiculous amounts compared to what you’re contributing to the world. It’s not that serious, so don’t take yourself seriously.