It's the latest dance craze to have hit the web and it seems everyone and their mama is doing it! Twerking has officially taken over as the latest dance craze. The urban dictionary describes it as: "to work one's body, as in dancing, especially the rear end" and we have to say we endorse the dance wholeheartedly at Topman.

Miley Cyrus' efforts, documented on her Youtube video posted over the weekend, sent the blogosphere into overdrive. It's been widely reported that Cyrus has been a fan of the dance for quite some time after picking it up when she was filming down in New Orleans two years ago. We couldn't work out whether it was the fact that she was wearing a onesie whilst booty shaking or that everyone couldn't believe she is actually any good at it that did it to be honest. So, if you've had enough of doing your best Gangnam style and want to put to rest your Harlem Shake then better get twerking! #TWERKTEAM

But before you do check out these hilarious videos and pictures of your favourite celebs doing their very best twerk routines.

#THE STAR PLAYER: The now infamous Miley Cyrus video

#THE ROOKIE: Mollie from The Saturdays giving it here best efforts

#THE PRO: Nicki Minaj in her video for Beez in the Trap

 #THE ODDBALL: Even Demi Moore is getting in on the act!