The UK rapper talks fashion and personal style and explains why he's traded baggy tracksuits for fitted jackets and stylish jeans

Words By Claire Bloomfield

Photography By Richard Round-Turner

Styling By Laura Harvey

We bring you ten quick fire fashion questions from none other than Wretch 32, who recently got dressed up in Topman for our exclusive shoot. Here, the UK rapper explains why rocking a balaclava is never a good look and what he plans to wear if he ever gets to meet the queen!

1. If you could have anyone else’s wardrobe, who would it be and why?
Wretch 32: Probably Beckham, he looks like gets a lot of free stuff. That’s David by the way, not Victoria! He’s cool man, he knows how to throw certain bits together.

2. What three items of clothing could you never go on tour without?
Wretch 32: Jeans, not skinny ones. Flexible, adjustable ones… A jacket, I’m a jacket man. You know like the biker jacket shape, with random cuts, random zips and stuff. Then I’d just throw in a T-shirt.

It’s just good to see the change in me, how I have grown up and my style has changed

4. What did you wear for your first ever gig?
Wretch 32: A tracksuit, it was a baggy one as well. I liked baggy. I was young, innit. It’s just good to see the change in me, how I have grown up and my style has changed. My clothes are more fitted now, and I wouldn't pull out a tracksuit for a gig anymore. I’d choose a pair of jeans, an interesting T-shirt with some detail and a jacket.

5. What would you never wear on a first date?
Wretch 32: A balaclava. It could be a bit of a put off.

6. What would you wear if you had to have tea with the Queen?
Wretch 32: A denim suit designed by someone like Armani or Burberry.

7. What is the first item of clothing you ever bought with your own money?
Wretch 32: It was probably a T-shirt if I remember right. There was an Adidas T-shirt with just the logo and the words written out underneath it, everyone had it.

8. Is there anything you wear at home that you would never leave the house wearing?
Wretch 32: Pyjamas? I’ve got some super pyjamas with patterns all over them.

When you’re an artist you don’t want to seem rude or arrogant but some looks are just not your thing

9. Any major fashion regrets?
Wretch 32: There was one video that never came out. This was before I learnt that you can say no. When you’re an artist you don’t want to seem rude or arrogant but some looks are just not your thing. Years ago we did a video with a producer called DaVinChi and there was an interesting stylist. She was good but it just didn’t fit my style. I had a slim polo neck on that was mad colourful, some trousers, a blazer and some gloves. I remember standing there and thinking, I don’t really like this. But I was at his video and it wasn’t for me and I didn’t wanna be the guy that’s like, ‘Nah I don’t wanna wear this…’ I saw some of the pictures a couple of days later and I was really regretting it. I was praying that it didn’t come out. I don’t know why they didn’t use the video but after that I said to myself, if you don’t like something then don’t wear it. That week I was fretting, man, I looked so weird…

10.  Do you have a go-to outfit for a night out?
Wretch 32: A pair of trousers and a nice shirt tucked in with a belt. I don’t think you can go wrong with that.

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