Oliver Cheshire is one of British fashion's standout exports. In our exclusive video the model and blogger gives us his style tips

Words By Alistair Mulhall

Filmed By Arran Sinclair

Tucked away in the fashionable haven that is Topman's Personal Shopping Lounge at Oxford Circus, we sat down with male model (and Mr.Pixie Lott) Oliver Cheshire to talk all things style related.

Topman Generation: Talk us through your new style blog I Wear The Trousers.
Oliver Cheshire: I started blogging about six months ago. People in the industry advised  me to as my mates always ask me fashion advice, so I thought why not?

Topman Generation: What’s your take on your personal style?
Oliver Cheshire:
  It changes all the time. I wear quite simple clothes, nothing too loud. I like my clothes to be very fitted. I like old school, rock ‘n’ roll inspired clothes but then I love getting dressed up in a suit and wearing a bow-tie.

Topman Generation: Who are your style icons?
Oliver Cheshire:
Steve McQueen, Michael Caine, Nick Wooster, Beckham. I grew up with Beckham as my style icon.

Topman Generation: What’s been your career highlight?
Oliver Cheshire:
When I shot the Calvin Klein campaign. That was out of this world. I was 16, shot it when I was 17. It was me and supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Suddenly, I was seeing myself on billboards.

Topman Generation: What’s the highlight of your job?
Oliver Cheshire:
Travelling and meeting people. I get to go to cool places with great people.

Topman Generation: You and your girlfriend (Pixie Lott) are both very stylish. Do you give each other fashion advice?
 Cheshire:  Yeah, I always ask her if she likes what i’m wearing. We both love going shopping together. We both went to Florence recently and hit up the discount stores there.

Topman Generation: Is there anything you think a woman shouldn’t wear?
Oliver Cheshire:
Skirts that are too short - a little bit should be left to the imagination, and tracksuit bottoms outside of the house!

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