Menswear style expert and fashion journalist Richard Gray talks us through the pieces we need now and how to wear them

Words By Richard Gray

1. Do this now: put on a good quality white t-shirt, then wear your favourite gingham shirt over that. Fasten the shirt, leaving the top button undone (the white t-shirt should be showing under the collar). Then add this brilliant gingham shirt on top of that and fasten the second, third and fourth buttons only. What a smashing look; it's warm enough without a coat, or pull on a body warmer when it's flipping freezing










2. Take a second to study this good quality belt, exclusive to online. Unlike that cheapo version you see in less reputable gentleman's outfitters (that dodgy stall on the inside market) it won't fall to pieces as soon as you wear it. Simply tuck a plain black t-shirt into jeans and team with knackered black jeans (more holes in the knee, the better). Think less him from Guns and Roses and more Primal    Scream's Bobbie Gillespie.



3. Only a fool would avoid pulling this here jacket on and fastening all the way to the top and wearing with a fine pair of classic camel chinos. The smartest lads may team with a vintage pair of Levis too and type "Japanese workwear" into Google Images for even more ideas on how to wear such a fetching  jacket. You can always rely on our fashionable friends in Tokyo for some serious styling tips.

4. All the lads at Topman towers have got their eye on this t-shirt and for good reason.  For bird and pint-pulling awsomeness, may we suggest hanging around the handbag bit in some random girls' shop and complimenting passing lovelies on their hair, frock and/or jumper. The "geek" logo says I'm clever, a bit nerdy and I once watched University Challenge.

5. Tall, short, too many pints? A bomber suits all shapes and sizes, and a well-cut one, especially, in cotton, is a sound investment.  Try wearing this over a hoody for the cold snap and when it warms up over a fastened up black denim shirt or simple Tee. Top dressers will wear theirs with tight jeans and a decent pair of sneakers.

Richard Gray is the Executive Fashion Director at Sunday Times Style. You can follow him on Twitter @TheSTStyle