Words By Ewart Campbell

Photography By Ewart Campbell

Picture 1 
Name: Terence
Aga: 27
Location: Canary Warfh
Twitter: @onenigerianboy
Terence is a fan of Azelia Banks. He doesn't have a "normal" celebrity fashion icon but finds fashion icons through tumblr and other blogs. His favourite item of clothing are trainers and he loves leather and the colour black.

Picture 2
Name: Peter
Age: 17
Location: Milton Keyns
Twitter: J0NESPETER / Instagram: J0NESPETER
Peter loves chart music and Nick Grimshaw is his style icon. His favourite item of clothing to wear is shirts.

Picture 3
Name: Sam
Age: 34
Location: Deptford
Sam's favourite band is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and his fashion icons are Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. His two favourite items of clothing are his classic Brogues and some braces.

Picture 4
Name: Christian
Age: 27
Location: Battersea
Instagram: Christianxez
Christian loves indie rock, he also DJ's Dub and his fashion icons are be Kate moss and Johnny Depp. He loves blazers, denim and shoes. He can't remember the best chat up line he has ever heard but he did comment on how he is "a smooth operator!"