The rising model (and David Gandy's other half) talks career highs, cups of tea and what a man would have to do to get her attention

Words By Alistair Mulhall

Photography By Tung Walsh

Styling By Sam Ranger

Sarah Ann Macklin doesn’t take herself too seriously. And that’s a good thing. These days, in the race for British models to generate press and nab a good name for themselves it’s all about marketing yourself through your personality as well as your looks. Naturally, you’ve got to do your job well but you’ve got to be fun too. After all, there’s a Twitter audience out there waiting to follow you and it’s them you’ve got to keep entertained if you want to hit the big time.

Not that Miss Sarah Ann Macklin needs to worry about any of that. The 23-year-old arrives on the set of our North London shoot location a whirlwind of friendliness, excitement and of course, youthfully smoldering beauty that immediately justifies the hype she’s been garnering recently as one of Britain’s hottest and most versatile models. This is the girl who can slip into lingerie and work the cameras for a leading men's magazine one minute, and then appear in short films for legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber in the next. For a girl from Portsmouth who never intended to wind up a model, that’s not too shabby.

There’s also the fact that she’s girlfriend to David Gandy, the British male supermodel who’s enjoying all sorts of high-calibre industry success, as well as the attention of magazine readers across the world. Whilst questions about him are strictly off-limits (hey, the girl enjoys her privacy) I can’t help but wonder what a guy would have to do to get her attention, to get her seal of approval- especially if he didn’t look like Gandy. “Well, firstly just avoid chat-up lines altogether,” she laughs as she whips off her winter weather armor and sits down to let our stylist kit her out “Never try and put on an act. I can’t bear it when people aren’t themselves. It sounds corny but it’s honestly true that if you can make someone laugh you can easily steal their heart”.

With Sarah, it’s clear that the laughs are important especially when it comes to her career. “I think it’s so important to laugh at yourself,” she explains as she tucks into a giant mug of tea (builders not herbal) “there is always rejection in this industry, so if you can do that you’ll be fine. There’s also so many personalities out there that I feel like if I can make people laugh, it just makes things easier. I’ve always been outgoing and I like to take that to set. I just want everyone to enjoy themselves.”

Laughs aside, 2013 is about to take a serious turn for Sarah Ann Macklin. Whilst 2012 saw her build up quite the C.V working on fashion editorials as well as campaigns, it’s this year that sees things hit the next level. The day of our shoot she is going through the list of what she needs to pack for that evening’s departure to New York for a month long work trip- where she’ll arrive just in time for New York Fashion week commitments. Having already been shot by Weber and also posed alongside Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk, it's clear that America is showing interest in her diversity. And why wouldn’t they? This is the girl who graces the London party scene but isn’t a bad girl and who can do high-fashion one minute and high-street the next. Oh, and even if you don’t ask her she’ll still offer to make you a cuppa.

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Make-up by Kate Lyndsey

Hair by Sami Knight

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