The reigning style king of the airwaves tells us about his love of Topman suits and what he's obsessed with buying...

Words By Chantelle Symester

Photography By Michel Haddi

Styling By Charles Adesanya

BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw is considered a very stylish guy at Topman HQ and is definitely in the running for the title as our favourite man about town. Frequently spotted on best-dressed lists, ‘Grimmy’ is rarely caught unprepared in the style stakes, especially when he’s out rubbing shoulders with fellow celebrities. So, who better to call upon as the cover star of our very special print edition of Topman Generation (available in select stores now), to celebrate the second London Collections: Men. We spoke to Grimmy who gave us some insight into his personal style.

TOPMAN GENERATION: What are your favourite fashion staples?
Nick: I kind of have a bit of a uniform now. I just tend to wear the same kinds of jeans in the same fit. I have a few different pairs, so I just wear them all the time! My Converse have to be mentioned – I wear them all the time too! Getting up early you just kind of have to have stuff that’s easy to wear, black tees or white tees with good hoodies or jumpers, mixed with trend stuff.

TOPMAN GENERATION: And you wear a suit very well...
Nick: I love a Topman suit, they fit me perfectly!

TOPMAN GENERATION: What fashion items do you currently love?
Nick: There’s a new grey Topman blazer with dark arms that I am really into. There’s a new grey hoodie I like – sometimes it feels like all I do is buy grey hoodies!

I definitely used to be a bit more experimental and wear some stupid stuff

TOPMAN GENERATION: Do you have any dodgy fashion crimes you want to ‘fess up to?
Nick: I definitely used to be a bit more experimental and wear some stupid stuff. I went through a phase of wearing full-on coloured vests and trucker caps. Looking back that probably wasn’t the best look.

TOPMAN GENERATION: But there was a time when trucker caps had a fashion moment.
Nick: I was part of that movement unfortunately!

TOPMAN GENERATION: Who/what deserves to be put on your fashion blacklist?
Nick: Rylan’s clothes from the X Factor – NO NEED! It was all a bit too much, and a little bit awful!