We exclusively caught up with the eclectic Chicagoan rapper, singer & producer to see what makes his style tick...

Words By Sam Diss

Photography By Todd Diedrich

Chicagoan-based musician The GTW describes himself as a producer, singer and goal-scorer (he's really into his football, good lad) and, well, if that all sounds a bit David Brent then be warned: he's actually one of the coolest people making music in the coolest city in the world right now.

Carving out a position for himself Chi's post-Kanye revival, he released one of last year's most slept-on EPs in '4184' with producer Benfang and he was back tearing into über-trendy music blogs last month with his ace track Neymar Nights (above) featuring vocalist Dre Green plus some skittering trap drums and typically Dirty South bass. It's safe to say that we were hooked.

We caught up with The GTW to talk style, mistakes and Taribo West.

How has your style changed over the years?

When I was younger up until my 8th grade year I was wearing tons of urban brands and baggier clothes. My freshman year in high school was when I started experimenting with my wardrobe. I'd do everything from putting rubber bands on my ankles and attaching unopened Twix bars on them, to throwing a blazer over an [Jay Jay] Okocha jersey.

What style tips do you wish someone had told you earlier in life?

I wish someone told me to express myself regardless of people's reaction. But most importantly to broadcast all of my life interests through my outerwear.

Current favourite item of clothing?

In love with this long-sleeve Sondico motocross jersey I wear all the time. I've been told it makes it easier for people to notice me. Umm, no harm there, right?

What do you wear on the pull?

I'm really into native Nigerian lace fabric (no surprise there). I may where some baggy lace pants with some Converse, then throw on a jersey or all over print tee over it. Whatever my mood is.

Who are your style icons?

Pete Edochie, Taribo West, Larry the Cable Guy.

Biggest fashion mistake you've ever made?

Haven't really paid attention to any that I've made, I don't really fear mistakes - in fact, I love them. Mistakes make it easier to break past limitations and find to find a nice personal niche.

Complete the sentence: A well dressed man should never leave the house without

A COMB, but I do that all the time...


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