Top male model Josh Beech discusses all things fashion and reveals why London has the best street style in the world

Words By Chantelle Symester

Photography By Shenae Grimes for Cut and Run

Josh Beech is a highly successful model, designer, entrepreneur and in the not too distant future he'll also be husband to 90210 star Shenae Grimes. In a word, Beech is one lucky guy. First scouted by Sherrill Smith, of FM Model Agency, at a music festival in Shoreditch in 2007, Beech was immediately snapped up by luxe brands Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Moschino, to name but a few. In addition to fronting luxury campaigns, and getting shot by some of the biggest photographers in the business (including current Saint Laurent menswear designer, Hedi Slimane), the model also spends his precious time creating his new streetwear apparel line, Cut and Run. Topman Generation caught up with the mostly LA-based model on some down time via Skype to pick his brains about fashion, Chris Brown being a fashion icon and why London has the best street style.

Topman Generation: Being a successful model means being able to be a chameleon and change your look but how would you describe your personal style when you’re not working?
I would call my style 'Prep Punk'.

Topman Generation: A lot of guys have a uniform that they're comfortable with, is that the way you approach your own style?
Josh: The way I dress is very much a uniform - just different colour variations. It’s the same thing - a plaid shirt, worn open with a vest or t-shirt underneath it, and then I just vary the shoes basically.

Topman Generation: What are your favourite fashion items? What couldn't you live without in your wardrobe?
Josh: A new update for my wardrobe, which was a present from my fiancee. They're some really cool YSL leopard print shoes - like desert boots but trainers. They're awesome. They're epic. If you google a picture you'll find Usher wearing them. They are the coolest thing I own and I love them.
Chris Brown is a real icon for streetwear kids. The way he dresses is awesome

Topman Generation: Who do you think has great style? Who would be on your list of ‘best dressed’ guys ever? 
Josh: Johnny Depp has always dressed really cool. And Chris Brown is a real icon for streetwear kids. The way he dresses awesome.

Topman Generation: You’ve always been really into music and have played the guitar and keyboard since you were 10. In your opinion why do you think music and fashion fit together so well?
Josh: Music and fashion really do come hand in hand. Musicians and singers are the icons of the younger generation, apart from sports players. What those people are wearing does influence people, even just buying magazines that have these pop and rock stars in does.

Topman Generation: You're really well travelled. Is there a stand-out city that you think has exceptional street style?
Josh: I think London has great street style. I think London is ahead. They've already got the music/fashion combination going on so you'll see a bigger variation of the way that kids dress at a punk show in London than I think you would at a show in Berlin or New York. People are a bit more open minded.

Topman Generation: What are you listening to at the moment? Are there any new bands you think are going to be big in 2013? 
Josh: The Neighbourhood. I think they're doing quite well in the UK, but we only discovered them a few months ago in LA. They didn't really have a fanbase until recently and they've just started to blow up. They've got a really unique sound.