Find out how your grandad’s haircut has become a style staple

Words By Carl Anka

The short back and sides was once considered to be old-fashioned and fuddy duddy, but has now become the haircut of choice for men this season, but why? I caught up with hairdresser Emma Piggot, from Sharp's Barber, based in Topman Oxford Circus, on why a side parting is the haircut to go for right now. Just don’t call it a combover!

Your hair is your biggest natural accessory to any fashion look and people can really judge you by it. A bloke with a really well groomed haircut really gives him a layer of effortless cool and makes him appear well put together.

The side parting is enjoying resurgence because men’s fashion in general is revisiting a more heritage style, which I think is great. Men are realising that the classics are classic for a reason. In the late 90s and early 00s men had really garish, out there haircuts – fashion mullets and unnecessary layering, not a good look for anyone, fashion or haircut wise! But we got the Spice girls out of that era so I guess that balances it out.

Side partings (please don’t call it a combover, that’s something different entirely and that’s a hairstyle you should NEVER go for) are definitely here to stay for the next few seasons so don’t be afraid of jumping on the hair trend now. When it first came along it was very groomed, whereas now men are sporting more relaxed versions of the look with less product.

I think at the moment there are a lot of guys who are going for the standard short back and sides look, which is fine but don't be afraid to stick out from the crowd by being a bit more adventurous.

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