The man behind Topman Design discusses the latest collection and the young talent leading the charge in British menswear

Words By Chantelle Symester

Topman Creative Director, Gordon Richardson, tells us the ideas behind the latest collection, and how the burgeoning British menswear arena has been forged by its young and exciting design talent.

TOPMAN GENERATION: What was the theme behind the new Topman Design collection?
GORDON RICHARDSON: For this collection we came up with the idea of an explorer, who takes on board different cultures, each of which affect his sense of style and understanding of the world. The show starts off quite neutral with soft whites and pale colours, which exemplifies the start of his journey, and intensifies as the show progresses into this dark and intense array of burgundy and navy hues at the end.

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TOPMAN GENERATION: You have worked closely with stylist Bryan McMahon on the collection, why is his input so important?
GORDON RICHARDSON: Bryan is like an additional member of the team and is hugely influential. He helps us curate and put it together. You need someone who lives and breathes fashion in a different way, to kind of infiltrate our world and make it something much more than it could have ever been.

Witnessing a fashion scene that has developed through the young design talent rather than the more established designers is what makes it more exciting

TOPMAN GENERATION: What’s the most exciting aspect of being involved in London Collections: Men?
GORDON RICHARDSON: Witnessing a fashion scene that has developed through the young design talent rather than the more established designers. In any other country I think it would be the other way round – I think this is what makes it more exciting. I also think it’s rare that there is such diversity. There has never really been a platform for young menswear designers to grow and mature, and suddenly now there is.

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TOPMAN GENERATION: What do you think the future holds for emerging UK menswear designers and the MAN/NEWGEN MEN platforms as part of London Collections: Men?
GORDON RICHARDSON: The next stage is about nurturing those designers, bringing new designers on board, and building a solid menswear platform in the UK that the world can come and buy from. Lulu Kennedy has been totally instrumental in it. Also, credit to the British Fashion Council, because they are helping those designers create a stable business – all the behind-the-scenes .

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