We explain why the humble all-in-one is more than just sleepwear, it's a way of life

Words By Carl Anka

Last winter ushered in the cult of the onesie. It's the ultimate cosy clothing piece that works as pyjamas or just something to lounge about the house with. What was once a snug bedtime outfit has now gone mainstream - and everyone from One Direction to Robbie Williams has been snapped wearing themOnesies are laziness to the extreme and we at Topman just love them that's why for a limited time only you can get yourself a onesie for just a tenner, yes you read correctly £10. But hurry this kind of deal won't last long!

Whether you consider it a fashion do or don't, the onesie is more than just a hoodie and jogging bottoms sewn together – it’s a statement. Coming in a variety of colours, sizes, patterns and materials, we're loving the new tie dye incarnation now available at Topman.com.

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A onesie is definitely your way to tell the world that you take chilling out seriously. And if someone enters a room rocking a onesie, it’s their way of saying “right now, all I care about is taking it easy” or, you know, “I’m horrendously hungover!” Either way, it’s a fashionable way to say do not disturb, and the perfect sartorial excuse to not to leave the house. Comfy living? Yes please!