Officially the year's coolest man (we kind of always knew it anyway), here's how you can get the Arctic Monkeys front-man's look...

Words By Sam Diss

Sheffield lad Alex Turner was known for his cheeky face and moppish hair, looking like if The Beatles did indie and spent their weekends chasing skirt in Yorkshire discos instead of being bigger than god.

Fast-forward six years and five albums (with their newest, AM, being probably out favourite album of last year), he's grown-up. The leather jackets, the slicked hair... He's the same bloke but not as you know him - but still cool. Always cool. Oh and now we've voted him officially the Coolest Man of 2013. Now it's certified.

Here's our tips for getting BRITs bad-boy Turner's look (and he's had a few of 'em...)

Black Leather Western Jacket

A staple of the post-Humbug Arctic Monkey wardrobe, this ace genuine-leather jacket is versatile and will never go out of style.

Burgundy Check Long-Sleeve Shirt

The go-to in every bloke's wardrobe, this tartan-check is different enough for you to stand out and has that subtle Mod-ish influence that informed a lot of the band's early looks. (Thank god they didn't go full-Mod and end up another The Ordinary Boys...)

Black Biker Stretch Skinny Jeans

There's some advice your parents gave you that turned out to be invaluable (we're thinking, don't date someone who went to art school because they'll break your heart) but what they didn't tell you that decent pair of skinny black jeans will be the best thing you ever buy. Because they will. That's pretty much a fact.

Bellfield Red Polo Shirt

The great thing about a nice polo shirt is that it's suitable for any occasions. We're not saying wear it to a funeral, but anything from the pub to a club to just chilling with your mates eating pizza and talking smack about each other's siblings. Another staple of the band's first two albums; almost as intrinsic to those LPs as chatting about scallies over ace riffs.

Rinse Wash Denim Jacket

Now that we've cracked how to rock double-denim without looking like a cowboy, there's no reason to be afraid of the jean jacket. A favourite of your Dad, but now they're looking way cooler: this slim fit example is great in a mid-wash and would look perfect with those black skinnies.

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