The Revered Dance DJ Opens Up About The Importance Of Pushing Cutting Edge New Music, His New Live Album, And Playing At BPM Festival In Mexico

Words By Chantelle Symester

From humble beginnings DJing in his hometown of Hastings, to touring the globe as of the most revered DJs in the world, John Digweed, has always managed to stay true to the dance music he has always been so passionate about.  The DJ/producer is on the brink of releasing his new Live in London album (out December 3), a 5 hour mix from his Bedrock Anniversary Party at Fire & Lightbox, in London back in October. What’s more, he will also be escaping the winter blues, to headline at the epic BPM festival in Mexico in January.

Topman Generation checked in with the dance music aficionado to find out more about the new release and why he will always champion cutting edge, new music.Digweed first hit the dance circuit back in the early 90s when he was just a teenager, getting his first big break after fellow DJ, Sasha, heard his demo. “I always loved music so was looking for an avenue to pursue that and try and make a career out of being someone who was involved in the music industry” he candidly explains. “I just watched, learnt and helped out.  It was all about trying to learn my craft and get experience”. Despite barriers put up by his teachers, who were not convinced he’d make it as a superstar DJ, Digweed continued on. “The more people said I wouldn’t be successful and I needed to get a proper job the more it made me want to prove them wrong”.

My job is to keep pushing the new music out there, not just the tracks that people know

Now, 20 years later, it’s safe to say he’s more than proved them wrong. A champion of new music, Digweed brims with enthusiasm when discussing his latest favourite tracks (Maxxi Sounds – ‘Stella`s way’ / Sebastian Radlmeier – ‘Is it me or is it you’ / Flume – ‘Sleepless’ Midland remix). He declares boldly, “I’m always about playing new music and the latest stuff, so there will be quite a few new tracks on the new live album. My job is to keep pushing the new music out there, not just the tracks that people know”.  And Digweed promises his set at BPM festival will be no different. “The first time I played last year, I was absolutely blown away. They’ve managed to get it just right. It’s just after New Year – January always seems to drag a little bit – but two whole weeks in Mexico is just the cure!” He adds, “It’s got that mixture of the Mexican crowd, who have got so much energy and are so up for it, plus the really clued up Americans who really get the electronic music, and then a good splattering of Europeans are heading over there as well.

I think we’ll have a great melting pot of people who want to listen to good quality music.” As Digweed perfectly sums it up, “They’ve definitely got it right – the setting is perfect, the weather is great, and the beaches are beautiful! It’s just a really well organised event.”Fans of the progressive house scene can also look forward to a new project from Digweed’s own Bedrock imprint in the new year too. Working with his creative partner in crime, Nick Muir, the pair have been in the studio with a collection of, as of yet, undisclosed artists for the top secret project. “We’ve got a project coming up where we’ve worked with quite a few artists… I can’t reveal too much but there is a nice project evolving as we speak. I‘m quite looking forward to revealing all the details but until it’s finished I loathe to tell.” So it seems that dance music lovers will just have to wait with baited breath until then!

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