When he's not travelling the world playing to packed out crowds, you can find him in a studio creating tracks for fellow musical big guns. In an exclusive interview, Dutch producer and DJ Afrojack sat down with Topman Generation to talk about his tour, t-shirts and working with Sting.

Topman Generation: You are currently on tour. What show has been the highlight so far?
Afrojack: I'm currently on tour in Asia; Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan and The Philippines. It's hard to say what the highlight has been so far. The reactions from the fans here has just been overwhelming. Dance music is getting bigger and bigger here everyday and fans really come out to the shows for my music which is incredible. I just heard my new single with Chris Brown was added to the top 40 radio playlist which is special since dance hardly gets played on top 40 radio here.

Topman Generation: How was it working with Chris Brown?
Afrojack: As Your Friend was produced back in Amsterdam by me and Leroy Styles, Polow da Don and DJ Buddha, Leroy brought in the concept of the song and we started to work on it. Polow and Buddha got Chris Brown to hear it and he immediately loved it and wanted to do the vocals. So we emailed back and forth until the song was completely done. A few weeks later I was recording in LA and we met in person which was great, there was a very good vibe and we worked on some other stuff as well.

Topman Generation: Do you have any other collaborations coming up that we should know about?
Afrojack: We are right in the middle of selecting the songs that are going to be on my album. Next to that I create music everyday and basically in my head I'm never finished with it, so its still uncertain which collaborations will be on the finished album. It's going to be a surprise I guarantee that.

Topman Generation: Tell us something the world doesn't know about Afrojack
Afrojack: Well my life isn't very private anymore which is ok for me, I do this for my fans so its all good. But maybe you didn't knew that the Dutch media scans every tweet I post and if they find it news worthy they make up a story out of it. Very funny to read sometimes!

Topman Generation: How was it working with Sting?
Afrojack: An honour. A mutual friend called Martin Kierszenbaum who has been working with Sting for many years introduced us. Sting is one of the coolest people around, very down to earth and so musical. We created something very special but I can't share details yet.

Topman Generation: Let's talk fashion. How would you describe your personal style?
Afrojack: I'm a huge sneaker freak as you noticed. I especially like Nike and love Givenchy their stuff is insane. G-Star is the one jeans brand I love to wear, they even make custom ones for me, handmade and numbered, isn't that crazy? Supreme is a great brand and Marcelo Burlon is a designer I just got into.

Topman Generation: What's the one item of clothing you can't live without?
Afrojack: T-shirt, its my favorite piece to wear plus its great to perform in one.

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