After guesting on a number one single, Josh Kumra has already tasted chart success - now he's ready to make it on his own with a fantastic debut album

Words By Ctrl Music

Since charting at number one as a guest vocalist on Wretch 32's 'Don't Go' single in 2011, Josh Kumra signed to Sony in the UK and has a very special debut album out today. We met the man to chat about 'Good Things Come To Those Who Don't Wait' and in case you missed it earlier in the year, check the Topman Generation live session (above) we recorded with him.

Later in the week, we'll also have a special Spotify playlist from the man of songs that inspired the album, so stay tuned.


TOPMAN GENERATION: Congrats on the debut album – must be great to have it out there for people to finally hear?
It is! It's been a long time in the making so it's nice that people can now hear what I've been working on.

TOPMAN GENERATION: It's been getting some great reviews, is it a nervous time before release awaiting how people will take to it?
Yes there have been a few nerves but I know I've tried my best to make a good collection of songs and that's all I can do.

TOPMAN GENERATION: How is the summer shaping up following the album?
The summer is looking good! I have confirmed a few festivals and one being a favourite of mine 'Boardmasters' and there are some festivals coming in from Austria and Switzerland too!

TOPMAN GENERATION: You've worked with Wretch 32 in the past. There seems to be an creative hybrid movement of young British artists from different scenes collaborating currently - do you feel it's an exciting time for British music?
I do! I think it's a very exciting time for British music. The one thing that sets it apart from the rest is it's diversity and acceptance of many different genres. I think it's great that people in Britain are opening up to fusions of genres and that we have the singer/songwriters who can create it very well!

TOPMAN GENERATION: You recorded a special acoustic session for Topman Ctrl earlier this year. Do you still enjoy playing more intimate, stripped down live sets?
I love playing live shows in general but yes there's always something special about playing a small intimate gig. The connection with the audience is always better.

TOPMAN GENERATION: What new artists are you excited about at the moment?
Right now I'm really excited about a very talented young girl called Mahalia, she's only 14 years old but she writes songs that you would expect to come from a 40 year old. She's also got a hell of a voice to go with it!