To mark Bey's storming performance last night, we've recapped some of the other memorable Super Bowl performances from the vault

Photography By Beyonce Instagram

The world was waiting with baited breathe for last night's Super Bowl bonanza for more than one reason. Although most who tuned in were fixated on the showdown between the Ravens vs 49ers, many were equally intrigued by what was going to go down at half time when superstar singer Beyonce performed. And boy did she perform - singing a medley of hits both past and present that included 'Crazy in Love', 'End of Time' and 'Single Ladies', she unsurprisingly enlisted her Destiny's Child sistahs - Kelly and Michelle - to help her out with a few DC classics. Not without flaws, but every bit as entertaining as we expected, Beyonce hit all the right notes during her 15 minute slot (However, we can't say we weren't hoping for a repeat of nipple-gate a la Janet). So what better way to top off Bey's storming night? Recap some of the other memorable Super Bowl performances from the past of course!

Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake - 2004
When Super Bowl went x-rated! Oh how we would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the guy/girl who suggested Timberlake should rip off Janet's top to reveal a well-placed pasty got the memo that a backlash was about to generate one of the most hilarious and entertaining upsets in Super Bowl history.

Madonna - 2012
Proving that OAPs can werk it! Madge strutted her stuff, well gyrated actually, when she performed at last years Super bowl. Her random collection of merry men included Nicki Minaj, Cee-Lo Green, LMFAO, oh and a choir and drum corps. Just another day at the office for Madge really!

Prince - 2007
In our eyes Prince can do no wrong. Proving that talent needn't evaporate with age, the artist formerly known as, well you know who we're on about, powered through hits despite a torrential rain pour in Miami. And still kept the crowds hyped might we add - guitar rifts and hip thrusts in the rain. In Prince we trust!

Shania Twain, No Doubt, Sting - 2003
Whoever thought putting these three acts in a line-up was either sniffing too much glue or lying to themselves. How anyone can be entertained by a rendition of 'Man I Feel Like a Women' is beyond us... A sad affair for all involved. So bad and bizarre it may actually be good?!